WTS 25.1m sp caldari/gallente - Perfect for anomaly Gila/Vexor Navy

I sell my self with 25,114,854 sp (19k Unallocated)
Starting Bid 20B.
BO: 23B
Full Information here: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Mario_Brambilla

  • 1 Clone with full set Genolution Core Augmentation + more
    Char is in Jita and in NPC corp.

More time added
Offers end 12/04/2020 21:00 Eve Time.

Thanks for bump and for the offer, I accept offered above 20B.

good luck waiting then… buh bye

20b 现在就可以

20b can trade now

Good offer to start.

Daily Bump!
Best offer for the moment is 20B.

4 days left
Best offert 20B.
Bump for today!!

Camon guys 3 days left.
20B current offer and bump for today.

Bump for today 1 day left.
20B current offert.
BO: 25B

Offers end today 04/04/2020 21:00 Eve Time.
BO: 25B

“weiwei D” not finish the trade. More time added .
BO: 25B

i can offer 19b in 24hours

BO lowered 23B.

Bump for today.
BO Lowered: 23B .

Bump for today.
Current Bid: 20B
Camon Guys 23B BO.

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