25.7m SP Gallente BC/Cruiser specialised for sale

Good Afternoon,

My character is for sale, very minimal corp history. Specialised in Gallente.


almost 26mil SP
focused Gallente Cruiser/BC pilot
no wasted skills
positive wallet (1 isk and located in Perimeter)
Starting bid: 19bil
B/O: 32bn

Auction will run for a week till Sunday 29th DT or until buyout.

I will pay for the transfer, character comes with no assets and positive sec status.

Any questions please ask. Thanks and fly safe.

19b offered

25 b/o ok?

can you do 27bn for quick sale?

26b ok?

26.5 :slight_smile:

oh cmon 26b instant isk

go on then …message me the deets and ill get it started!

ok cool

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one more
will you pay the transfer fee which is 20usd?

yes its in the opening ad :slight_smile:

im going out in 30mins so be quick :slight_smile:

if no sale offer of 24b

26.5b ok?

26b billion

Hi QofE

I accepted this yesterday, if no account transfer details and isk sent by time I get home from work (around 6 hours from now) I will accept @Cloudlet_Soikutsu offer.

I withdraw due isk issue

Hi Sergeant Skintsaint,

So let’s proceed?

yep all yours if you still wish to proceed @Cloudlet_Soikutsu :slight_smile:

Hi, did you still want to proceed? Thanks