WTS 25.8m Jump Freighter / Station Trader

Want to sell myself: 25.8m Jump Freighter / Station Trader

Can fly: Charon, Bowhead, Rhea (JF) and T2 Caldari Industrial with “Mastery IV” all

With current Trade Skills its a total money maker in the Hubs if you play it well!

Also has the: Capsule Genolution ‘Auroral’ 197-variant (golden pod)


Positive Wallet.
NPC Corp.
Located in hisec.
No Kill Rights.
Positive Security Status.
1 Remap Available.

Start 25b
B/O 32b

All CCP rules apply.
I pay for transfer with PLEX.

Let’s begin :slight_smile:

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I can do 22 tonight




I can accept 30B B/O if interested

I’ll take 30b B/O

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Hello Byron Dumont.

Deal, I accept this price.

Transfer will begin once I receive ISK on this character and some info on the account you want it transferred to.

You can contact me by ingame mail too.

ISK Sent, awaiting confirmation of transfer.

Dear Byron.

ISK received, everything Ok.

Check you ingame mail. I need more details so i can start the transfer.

Awaiting your mail

Transfer done, will arrive in 24h max i think.

Thank you for doing bussines.

Enjoy your new character!

Confirming transfer in progress

Thanks a bunch!

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