WTS 25M Expert Explorer/Expert Leshak Pilot

Hello, traders, I am for sale.


Worth to mention:

  • Expert Scanner
  • Expert Leshak pilot pretty much all damage skills to 5
  • Cybernetics/Biology V
  • 643k Unallocated SP


  • Positive wallet
  • Located in Jita 4.4
  • Security status 31.7
  • Some Kill Rights nothing important

Starting price 20b
B/O 27b.

Offering 21b. Do you pay the transfer fee?

offering 22b if OK

Offering 22.5b

offering 23B

Waiting Time Left: 2 Days left
Highest bidder: NCC-1031 23B


offering 24b

@Eneny Yes i will pay the transfer Fee

Waiting Time Left: 1.5 Days left
Highest bidder: Cynric Finn 24B

Would you mind providing the NPC standing status of your character, through some website tool like below?

@Cynric_Finn Le me know if its correct and you can see it

Waiting Time Left: 1 Days left
Highest bidder: Cynric Finn 24B

Yes, I can see it. Thanks.

I accept your offer! Let me know when you send the isk so i can start the transfer and also send me to what account through and email in game

ISK sent, account info mailed in game

Good! I received and started transfer already thanks!

I did not receive an email notification about the initiated character transfer. Is this normal?

Idk, first time doing it, did you got any notification or something? it should be 10h+ i think to get the char if not we can talk to support or something but maybe because it was weekend is more time not sure

I dont have @YueMax Character anymore on my account so you probably should see it soon

Thanks. I confirm that I just received the character @YueMax in my account. :grinning:

It is weird though I did not get any email notifications.

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