WTS 25m SP Mining toon

[Kitten Juggler's Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App]

Great mining toon with max ice processing with gas and moon ore skills to level 5

SP 25,359,891

5 Jump clones
1 Complete set of Low Grade Harvest implants including Omega and Highwall Mining MX-1003
1 Alchemist gas harvesting GH-805 and Yeti IH-1005
1 +2 Attribute bonus set
2 +4 Attribute bonus sets

Positive wallet.
Positive sec status.
No kill rights.
All CCP Rules apply

Starting Bid: 18b
I’ll accept any suitable offers

12 bill

Not for 25m SP pure mining and support Gina

Bump bump

18b B/O

All yours SniffleBum KissyLips, if you send the account details via ingame mail to Kitten Juggler and the isk I will arrange the transfer.
New Zealand time here and 9pm so only online for a short while longer but up early tomorrow.

Probably be a couple hours, but should be sent long before you wake up, thanks

Good as gold!

Isk and evemail with account name to be transferred to have both been sent from this character to Kitten Juggler

Just logging in now

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Isk received thank you and transferirng now
Would you like me to post a screenshot of the action in here?

All good, ty, as long as there wasn’t any hiccups

Good as gold, says transfer will be complete after 1/7/2023 8:38.10am
Thanks for the trade, much appreciated!
I have a few more coming up if your interested in private sale, some miners and max orca pilot with loads of T2 production skills

Tentatively interested in 2 more miners if you want to evemail me their skillboards, unless you meant they wont be ready for a few weeks or something. Trying to secure 2 more fairly quickly

Looking at picking up a mining toon! If they are still around! May message me anytime

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