WTS 27.7 mil SP Pefect Naglfar Character B/0 28b

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/ZCapitan pw: 1234

There will be 500k unallocated SP.

NPC Corp.
Located in highsec.

Positive Wallet.

Positive Security Status.

Will transfer character by PLEX.

B/0 28b


accepted, send iskies and acc name to zcapitan

check eve mail from jelly

Mega naglfar sale

I’ll deal with this when I’m home from work in 2 hours

cool, don’t forget to check mail before send isks

deal is off, not longer for sale for 25b. current b/0 set to 28b


thank you, I accept your offer 100%, send isks and acc info to zc

all done

has this been completed? because no character received

it takes 5-7days now

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