WTS - 27m SP - Indy / mining fleet booster / PI

Selling this 27m SP industrial character with perfect Orca boosts and many ways to generate passive income through production, research, reactions and PI.

Skill sheet

Quick overview:

  • Industrial command ships V
  • Mining Director V
  • Drone interfacing V / mining drone spec. V
  • Advanced industry V
  • Advanced mass production V
  • 5.5m sp in science / research
  • Almost perfect PI skills
  • Mass reactions V
  • Gas harvesting V
  • Good targeting skills

In a NPC corp
No kill rights
Positive wallet

B/O 25b

Looking to sell fast.

20b - ISK on hand and ready, online all day to transfer

25 bil B/O

I accept the offer.

Send me the account name to transfer to if still interested.


isk and account info sent

Transfer initiated.

confirmed thank you.