WTS 28.8M SP Industry Pilot

Character skills can be found here: Dustyrocks - Status - zCharboard

  • Character is located in High Sec Space in Ryddinjorn
  • Character has positive wallet
  • Great base industry/boosting character
  • Standings on the character are essentially fresh (-0.25 Guristas lowest standing)
  • No kill rights
  • I pay for transfer

No low ball offers please only reasonable


Maybe it’s just me, but the link doesn’t work. I can open other links just not this one.

Apologies, Link fixed now, I had it on private :slight_smile:

Still not working :disappointed_relieved:

Could you fix the skilllpoint link?

Since you are not providing all the necessary details in your thread due to the missing link to the skillboard, I will close this post for now. You can edit the entry post so that the link works and then flag the post so that we can check it again.