WTS / 56.6 M Skill Point Miner /RoRQ/JF/Indy WH Char

Good evening everyone

Zarya Athonille

Char has positive wallet
Sec status 0.01
No kill rights
In starter corp
Located Amar
Can fly Exhumers, Orca, Rorq, Freighter, JF.
Perfect ice mining.
Good drone skills (almost 10m)
Great backup trader
Clones - set of +4’s & a Mining Foreman Mindlink

Make your best offers thanks

Start 40 B
B/O ?

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Can you please supply the other disclosures as required by CCP’s character selling rules found at Welcome to the Character Bazaar


okay like that?


Access to character on eveskillboard has been reworked, please fix this and if you haven’t drop to npc corp, then you can request thread reopened or create a new.