WTS Miner / Rorq /JF/ Indy 52m Pilot

Over 4m unallocated SP
Char has positive wallet
Sec status 0.01
No kill rights
In starter corp
Located in Ebo, no idea why - will move to Amarr if buyer prefers
2 remaps ready - 1 normal, 1 bonus
Clones - set of +4’s & a Mining Foreman Mindlink

Can fly Exhumers, Orca, Rorq, Freighter, JF.
Perfect ice mining.
Good drone skills (almost 10m)
Great backup trader


Starting bid - whatever you think she’s worth
Auction ends Sunday 20:00 Eve Time
Buy out - surprise me

I pay transfer, etc


39.5b offer

Hey, thank you for your offer :+1:

40 B Ready

Thank you Elsa

Would appear I can’t count - actual sp total is 57m.
52.8 allocated / 4.3 unallocated

Hey Elsa, please get in touch to confirm sale - here or ingame

40b offer :stuck_out_tongue:

45 B ready

Hi Elsa, please send ISK to this char, along with an evemail of the account name you want transferring to, and I’ll get this started straight away.

If no reply within 24hrs from now (22:00 Eve Time Oct 3rd) sale will be cancelled.

If anyone wants to match Elsa between now and then, toon is yours.

I’m sorry I’m ready one last question how will you do the transfer with credit card or plex

isk and account name sent pending transfer

Confirming ISK received, transfer fee paid (c/card), and transfer to the account sent via emaill has started.

Thanks Elsa.

thx bb

but sorry my offer was valid the 40 b

you should return me 5 b !!!

can an admin intern pls

hi I’m the char just sold, a GM can intervene thanks

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