WTS 28m pve


(Jenz Kristoff) #1

No Kill Rights.
No Bounty.
In High Sec.
Positive Wallet.

starting at 15B


(Gattanera) #2

15 bil

(Niamh Kvarok) #3

19 Bill b/o?

(Gattanera) #4

19.5 bil

(Aurelius Constantinus) #5

19.6 B

(Phelan Somhairle) #6

22b buyout

(Niamh Kvarok) #7

23 bill

(Phelan Somhairle) #8

Wait a minute… Is this the thread for this char now? I just noticed I have bid on the same character in two separate threads.

(Jenz Kristoff) #9

23 bill is highest bid so far and yes its for this toon

other thread for some reason didn’t delete so I have currently flagged it

(Phelan Somhairle) #10

24 bil

(Jenz Kristoff) #11

Sold to Phelan Somhairle for 24 bill pending isk transfer

send account name for character transfer

(Phelan Somhairle) #12

ISK and account name sent.

(Jenz Kristoff) #13


character has been transfered

(system) #14

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