WTS 28m Tackle/utility Alt (Devo/Onyx/Falcon/Sabre)

Stasis Webification Battery - 28m SP
Amarr Cruiser V
Caldari Cruiser V
Minmatar Destroyer V
Cyno V
Cyber V
Recon IV
Good core skills
No kill rights, positive wallet, NPC corp in Amarr
Mid-Grade Amulet and Mid-Grade Talisman sets located in public citadels in Perimeter (Tranquility Trading Tower and Overwatch Garrison)
25bil B/O

Will be transferring using plex, so it will take however long CCP takes to complete it. Any questions or if I’ve forgotten something shoot.

17b for Stasis Webification Battery

23B offer

Thank you for offers

Buyout reduced to 25bil, great alt account.

Are you still interested in this @Can_Trild

Hi, yes i take if you want to let him go for 23B

Yep, I’ll accept your offer of 23B

Isk andd Account Information send. Pls confirm and begin char transfer

Isk received, ticket submitted to request transfer. Thanks!

How is the ticket doing ?

Should be with you now, just received emails confirming all recent transfers.

Reciever. Thank you for the trade :slight_smile:

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