WTS 28mil SP PvP Min/Cal toon 2008

Mista Popo

2008 toon, he is old
Positive wallet balance.
In High Sec and in Station
Neg. Sec Status
No kill rights.
Has 138k Unallocated SP
Has 2 jump clones in High Sec NPC Stations
In NPC corporation.
PURE PVP Can fly T2 and T3 Frigates and Cruisers with high efficiency
Minmatar/Caldari Spec’d

WTS for 20B or best offer

I will pay costs for transfer

Bump :smile:

I can do 20b.

I can do 20B. I will receive ISK on this character. I will pay Transfer payment, after receipt of 20b isk.

Isk and info sent

Account Issues resolved. It should be able to go through now.

Can you confirm or deny the receipt of ISK and/or account information. so that this may continue or stop rather than be left in the dark.

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