WTS 29.7m SP Golem/Legion/Vedmak/Retribution pilot

(Muritor) #1


Skill highlights:
T2 Cruise Missiles, T2 HAM, T2 Medium Precursor/Energy Turret, T2 Small Energy Turret
Level 5 Legion Subsystems
Level 5 Assault Frigates, Level 5 Amarr Frigate/Destroyer/Cruiser, Level 5 Cybernetics

Positive wallet, 0.0 sec status, no kill rights. Neural remap available 2019.10.09, 2 bonus remaps available.

B/O: 25b

(Muritor) #2

still for sale

(Muritor) #3


(Shelby Watkins PowerRanger) #4

I’m interested, I sent an in-game mail.

(Muritor) #5

Accepted ingame offer, send isk and account name to this toon

(Shelby Watkins PowerRanger) #6

done and done

(Muritor) #7

Try again, didnt receive an evemail

(Muritor) #8

ISK and account name received, will initiate transfer shortly

E: Transfer initiated.

(system) #9

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