WTS Golem (Marauder IV) pilot with T2 Torpedos and T2 Tank

WTS Golem (Marauder IV) pilot with T2 Torpedos and T2 Tank:

  • The char’s wallet has positive balance
  • No kill rights
  • No Jump clones, has neural remap available
  • The char is located in Highesc

It’s a Golem with Marauders trained to IV and T2 weapons and tank focused character. Here’s the eveboard link:

Bidding starts at 10b, buyout is 12b. I’ll watch the thread and read the private messages aswell, but won’t be logged on the char, as it’s an alt character, thus rarely log with this one. Thus, it’s best to post your offers either directly into the trade or just send a private message.

Seasons Greetings,

12b offer buyout accepted.

Message me either here or ingame to confirm


Hey, I accept the 12b buyout. PM me the details so I can initiate the transfer 0/


12b ISK transfered to your account

I currently have just under 5 hours before i have a free slot available, so no immediate rush to transfer snipergoespewpew.


ISK received, I’ll be waiting for the confirmation once you have a free slot, in order to initiate the transfer

Created the ticket to the GMs for the character transfer 2 days ago, have 1000 PLEX in the PLEX Vault but nothing happened yet, the ticket is still Open and unanswered…
Support Request #538153

Character received!

Thank you for a pleasant and seamless transaction : )

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