WTS Perfect Golem (marauder) Pilot 24m sp - High-Grade Crystal

(Alesteria Naari) #1

im selling a Perfect golem (marauder) Pilot (me)

Skill Points: 24.427.418
Unallocated sp: 103.451
Combined sp: 24.530.869
Bonus Remaps: 2
Security Status: 4.69
Jump Clones: 1
Located: Jita 4/4
Member of NPC Corp
(eveskillboard didnt updated this atm but she is in NPC corp right now)

comes with the following Augmentions:
High-grade Crystal Alpha
High-grade Crystal Beta
High-grade Crystal Gamma
High-grade Crystal Delta
High-grade Crystal Epsilon
Zainou ‘Deadeye’ Guided Missile Precision GP-806
Zainou ‘Deadeye’ Missile Projection MP-706
Zainou ‘Deadeye’ Rapid Launch RL-1006
Zainou ‘Deadeye’ Target Navigation Prediction TN-906
Zainou ‘Snapshot’ Cruise Missiles CM-606

Augmentions Only are about 4.5 Bill

Also have the Kaalakiota Golem Skin!

Have good Standings to Caldari State:
Caldari State 6.2406

Please have a look into the whole standings at eveskillboard.com

Full Skill List: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Alesteria_Naari

All CCP Rules Apply.

(Brock Khans) #2

20bil offer

(BjergsenMVP) #4

25 b/o valid 24hrs

(Alesteria Naari) #5

Thankyou but i want to wait a little bit longer until i decide.

BTW i just saw he Also have the Kaalakiota Golem Skin!

(Alesteria Naari) #6

BjergsenMVP i accept your b/o off 25Bill.

Please send ISK and Account name.


(BjergsenMVP) #7

All right. Currently on the run, will send it as soon as I’m back home. May take a while, but not longer than 18 pm GMT today.

(Nandea) #8

@Alesteria_Naari Good job on making the character look good :smiley: Thumbs up ^^

(BjergsenMVP) #9


(Alesteria Naari) #10

Character Transfer Initiated

Dear xxxx,

You have chosen to transfer the character Alesteria Naari to the account named xxxx.


(system) #11

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