WTS 293 M sp all around pilot

You can find all info about my pilot here:


Ready to fly almost any kind of ships
Almost all skills developed at V

2 Jump clones available, sec status 0, no kill rights, positive wallet, npc corp joined.

Open for the bids!

Buy Out: 260 bil

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buy out reduced to 260 bil

bump. want to get some offers

any offers?

230 bil

Thanks for the offer! Bump it up.

to the top!

Bump it up!

Highest and the only bid till now is: 230 bil made by @James_Bond-007 . Is there any one here who want to up the stakes?

235 bil

Thank you for the offer. I will be making a decision soon

Waiting for your decision。


240b i will paid

i bid 242 Bil

260 bil


270 bil


I quit