WTS 2Bil tritanium and raven bpo stain

2 billion tritanium already posted at 100 isk each on stain marketplace s-bwwq location

raven bpo looking for 100 billion isk location of bpo is a4ug-o stain looking to sell this through direct contract only and it is already posted up to first buyer publicly for 4 weeks from now

i also have other bpos for sale see image attachment and offer for each one individually these will also take a day or so to contract as i will be jumping to post the contract

This is a joke right?

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2020-12-23 (2)

Ooof look at those taxes. Looking at 15b to list that.

Raven BPO is 0/0 too. Couldn’t make this up. :rofl:

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So, your wild pricing aside, how much realistically are you looking for per unit on the Tritanium?

100bill for a Raven bpo? Hahahahahahaha


I have been out done.

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