WTS 2x Guristas Victory SKIN 40b/unit, 5x Capsule Palatine SKIN 5b/unit

2x Guristas Victory SKIN - 30b/unit
5x Capsule Palatine SKIN - 5b/unit
3x Scorpion Valkyrie SKIN - 1b/unit
3x Stabber Nefantar SKIN - 500m/unit
5x Thanatos Serpentis SKIN - 500m/unit
5x Dominix Quafe SKIN - 500m/unit
5x Rattlesnake King’s Ransom Luecin SKIN - 300m/unit

EVE Mail me and I’ll set up a private contract.

I’ll do 15 bil for a guristas victory skin

Prices updated.

Will up it to 22 for a guristas victory