WTS Victory skins

Guristas Victory 30b

Also got a fanfest skin:
Stork Kimotoro Eskeitan Commander Skin - 1b
and some other:
Enforcer CONCORD Aerospace ‘Prototype’ skin 10b
Garmur Waschi Uprising ‘Combat’ SKIN 2b

and tournament clothes
Men’s ‘New Eden Open I’ T-shirt YC 114 500m
Men’s ‘New Eden Open II’ T-shirt YC 116 1b
Women’s ‘New Eden Open II’ T-shirt YC 116 1b
Women’s ‘New Eden Open I’ T-shirt YC 114 1b
Men’s Kimotoro Eskeitan Commander’s Pants 4b

rare skins Fanfest 2016
Omen Imperial Armaments SKIN
Abaddon Imperial Armaments SKIN
Oracle Imperial Armaments SKIN

20 bil for the guristas victory

Guristas Victory price is now 40b

Contract me a pack of the Triumphant Elite SKINs please. Thank you!


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Contract up

Contract up as well

1 pack left

Pls contract 1 pack to me

Contract is up. No more packs left got 2 Orthrus and 1 garmur skin left

ill take it for 6b

Contracted the last victory skins to you for 6b.

Updated OP

accidentally plugged in the pacifier concord skin gg

Sansha Victory sold

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