Selling old skins

Hello friends I am looking to offload some old skins I have saved up over the years that I never look at.


5x Garmur Triumphant skin - 4b
6x Orthrus Triumphant skin - 1b
7x Barghest Triumphant skin - 3b
(One of each Triumphant skin - 7b)

1x Raven IGC Victory Skin - 2b
1x Sansha Victory Skin - 16b
1x Guristas Victory skin - 7b

I also have these skins
1x Marshal SARO Black Troop skin - 4b
1x Monitor SARO Black Troop skin - 1b
1x Enforcer SARO Black Troop skin - 1.5b
1x Pacifier SARO Black Troop skin - 1b
1x Pacifier CONCORD Aerospace Prototype skin - 10b

1x Orthrus Waschi Uprising Combat - 2.5b
1x Orthrus Convergence Nova - 2b

1x Golem Kimotoro skin - 4b

1x Capsule Palatine Skin - 15b

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are the prices negotiable?

Yes i eas very lazy and just took open sell order and rounded down to a nice number. Feel free to mail me what you are looking for and a offer and i will consider it

up we go

Prices are very negotiable btw

do you have any vexor skins?

No sorry