WTS Skins & Clothes - Victory, SARO etc

Have a bunch of skins I need to liquidate for other projects. All located @ Jita 4-4,
Selling lower than market, willing to negotiate on reasonable offers.
Send me a mail for a quicker response, or just to chat about the weather.

If a skin is still listed here, it’s available. No need to ask.

Sansha Victory Skin

Avatar Imperial Jubilee Skin x2
Revelation Imperial Jubilee Skin

Marshal SARO ‘Black Troop’ Skin x2
Enforcer SARO ‘Black Troop’ Skin x2
Pacifier SARO ‘Black Troop’ Skin x2
Monitor SARO ‘Black Troop’ Skin x2

Redeemer Fireblade Guerilla Skin x3
Marshal Fireblade Guerilla Skin x2

Cynabal Eros Blossom Skin
Hurricane Sebiestor Skin
Minokawa Steel Cardinal Skin
Cerberus Steel Cardinal Skin
Rokh Steel Cardinal Skin
Apostle Raata Sunset Skin
Vagabond dawn of liberation

Avatar Star Captain x3 (Below plex price)
Guardian Star Captain x2 (Below plex price)

Women’s SARO ‘Black Troop’ Combat Suit x2
Men’s SARO ‘Black Troop’ Combat Suit x2