WTS 2x Uber Abyssal XL Shield Booster

WTS good XL Shield Booster mutaplasmed x2


Prices reference :: https://mutaplasmid.space/type/47793/contracts/

Make me an offer

make an offer!

Pimp your PvE rattlesnake with 2 super XL Shield Booster !

fyi these are worse than pith x-type xlsb in almost every possible way

consider yourself lucky if you get 100m for these rolls

yea its worse than Pith X-Type except for;

  • activation cost
  • activation time
  • powergrid usage
  • CPU usage

are you astrophysician or something like that?

you are rolling gravid on faction xlsb. and you ask yourself why your mods are worthless…


Still have my looted XL shield boosters for sale!
Make me an offer =]

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