WTS 3 Mining Chars. Ore/Ice/Exhumers V

My offer stands… this dudes just trolling forums and isnt serious

Ill be home from work in 4 hrs. Assuming i can log in and tranq isnt eating ddos i can take these off your hands tonight

Yes no problems, I am at work also as Im in AUTZ. I’ll be home in like 4-5 hours.

Characters sold to The Feuror for 32 Bill.

ok 29 B/O
Katie Thorn

sorry all Characters sold

for the record, I am not Trolling
anyone who is clear

Ill be on asap. Im US tz so its 11:40pm here. Let me know who youd like me to send the isk to.

If i cant manage to get on tonight let me know who to send the isk to and ill send it asap

No Problem, please send isk to this character. Triganthus.

Will do. i tried again this morning but still cant connect. Ill try again once im home from work. 11hrs or so from now

I get the same error message. Just click OK then click connect at the bottom and you should get in.

Yeah i tried for an hour was able to connect through once but then got booted out before i could load the station in due to the ddos thats happening.

Ill be home in 3 1/2 hrs to transfrr the isk

But what is still being sold

All the pilots

25 B/O ready

Eva Lisner


sorry all 3 sold to The Feuror for 32 Bill

Isk and and account info sent to Trig

Thankyou, I’m still at work and will commence transfers in around 4 hours. I’ll post them here when done.