Wts 3 rigged refineries and 1 rigged ec in 0.5 hs system cheap

Selling 3 refineries and 1 EC in HS 0.5 system 5 jumps from amarr. .

3 T1 refineries and one T1 EC (!!! SOLD !!!)
REF 1 Cost is 3.96b Selling for 2.8b 1x Standup M-Set Moon Drilling Efficiency I
1x Standup M-Set Moon Drilling Stability I
1x Standup M-Set Moon Ore Grading Processor I
1x Standup Reprocessing Facility I
1x Standup Moon Drill I

REF Cost 1.12b selling for 900m
1x Standup Moon Drill I

REF selling for 900m
1x Standup Moon Drill I

EC Cost is 1.7b selling for 1b (!!! SOLD !!!)
1x Standup M-Set Basic Large Ship Manufacturing Material Efficiency I
1x Standup Manufacturing Plant I

All have moons with dazzling spodumiane and some other various rare ore each of them pop within 2 days of one another lots of isk to be made on them if you have decent mining fleet. am selling as my corp is inactive and pointless having them now.

I’m interested in your offer and would like more information, do they still have fuel and defense system? Also what is the systems name where they are located in.

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They all have fuel for 2 weeks ecept one that runs out in 7 days i can add more fuel that’s not a problem what you see above is what they are fitted with and can have defences added as you need them. TBH it has been anchored for a few months and a bigger corp who am blue to have been moon mining in system with no issues for months to. I cant divulge the system name until a sale is made as that risks dushbags decking them lol but be assured there close to amarr 5 jumps and 9 or 10 from Jita. quiet system lots of mining potential if you got a decent corp or even an orca with 3 skiffs can rake in the isk.

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