WTS: 3 Tech 2 BPO´s - make some offers

(Dirty Magic) #24

are you kidding me?

(Bart Fart) #25

hm no, but offers in price check section are not valid and supported afaik. so take it to the auction then and be happy :slight_smile:

(Mad Vemane) #26

4b for smartbomb?

(Dart Lady) #27


(Bart Fart) #28

As the Barrage L got sold today, how about 65B for MWD and Smartbomb? :blush:

(Besk Lorne) #29

Are you still selling #1 and #2?

(Walter Pryst) #30

Interested in if the smartbomb is still for sale.

(Bart Fart) #31

yes, well, depends on the offer :slight_smile:
Both still in production atm

(Captin Iglo) #32

I take the MWD for 8B. If you agree?

Fly save

(Bart Fart) #33

sorry, offer way to low …make that 55b and ill think about it :smiley: fly safe

(Captin Iglo) #34

Okey, thank you for the information. Fly save

(system) #35

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