WTS: 3 Tech 2 BPO´s - make some offers

Wanna check Tech 2 BPO prices, cause ill quit the production role very soon.

#1: 50MN MWD II
#2: Medium EMP Smartbomb II
#3: Barrage L

All located in HiSec, Barrage L and 50MWD still in production for the next weeks but could be yours soon :slight_smile:

Im online 1-2 hrs per week only, so better post here. Thanks!

Prices that you’re asking are unrealistic mate. I’m willing to negotiate on the first and third items on that list. But not for anywhere near what you’re asking. Send me a mail Ingame if you wanna negotiate.



bump again… prices please… how much is the fish? :smiley:

Does the fish have chips? :notes:


bump …


another bump…

5 Bill mwd

na sorry, you can get the Smartbomb for 5 :slight_smile:
But thanks… go on… still available and in production atm

7B barrage L

10B for barrage L

10.5 for the barrage L

11b for Barrage L

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i think the barrage L will change its owner soon :slight_smile:
some more offers?

13b for Barrage L

13.5b offer good for 24 hours

16b barrage l

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19b barrage L

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Sounds very nice :slight_smile:
To be in LIne with the Forum Rules, here the Link to the Barrage L Auction!

Happy Bidding