WTS 30m Hel Pilot (SOLD)

Super focused super carrier pilot. No wasted SP.

All CCP rules apply.
Unallocated Skill Points - 427,500
Wallet balance - Positive
Kill rights - None
Character location - Jita 4-4
Implant sets - +4

B/O - 29 B

CodeBoss I’ll start the bidding with 15 B


20B b/o

21b offer


22b offer


23B . L P

Well, I finally hope the price is 25B. How about 24B?

24b just for today

Anna kakaOffer accepted

isk and mail send my account Annaming3

isk recived, transfer initiated account: Annaming3
Will be completed after: 9/21/2021 10:19:51 PM

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