WTS 30mil PLD pilot

I am selling myself.
-Great Name
-Positive Wallet
-No Killrights
-Positive Sec Status
-Located in NPC Corp
-0.18 mil unallocated Skillpoints!
-2 Bonus Remaps Available
Starting Bid: 18 bil
B/O: 25 bil

18 bil let’s do it

19b :slight_smile:

19.1B I need it

bump :kissing_heart: need more



Still open for offers :kissing_heart:

20 bil :slightly_smiling_face:


21.5 Bil

22 B.
Edit: Good luck. My budget was 22b max.

DemonX BaneThank you for the offer, you are close to a deal, make a little effort and this char is yours :kissing_heart:

23 bil

mc6358l Fair offer but I will give the sale a few more days, this toon will be sold before the September 3, 2021 and if 23b is the best offer, I will accept your offer.

Thanks :kissing_heart:

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Let me know when you are ready to accept the deal

23.5b isk ready

24 bil

mc6358lAccepted. Please send isk and account info to me. I’ll start transfer and post again once it has been initiated.

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ISK and acct info sent in game :slight_smile: