WTS - 30mil sp - 2012 char offers welcome

offers welcome - no time wasters

simply unused Account isk will be paid to my alt - Ezio Katelo

ISK has to be PAID to the Char thats sold…

Maybe post all neccessary information?
Maybe post it into the correct Marketplace
Maybe read the Eula and Char selling rules first

maybe just help someone in need obviously not used this before

thats why i wrote the thing with the rules and the eula

in the character bazaar are some threats with rules and stuff what explains what to do and how

also you can look there how people post their chars as a reference, but when you write things like isk transfered to my alt, nearly everyone excepts a scam and its against the char selling rules

thank you

Be careful when selling chars. It’s not a trivial in-game item sale, and if something goes wrong (because you have not read the rules properly), you may get banned. So I advise to follow the advise from Henry Alleile and read the rules first.

I would take a read over https://eveskillboard.com/guides/transfer on how transfers work

And what is required for your post look over: Welcome to the Character Bazaar

also @ISD_Sakimura can we get this moved to the Character bazaar

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