WTS 30mil SP Money making toon 20bil Isk


Armor 1,024,000 skillpoints
Drones 4,993,017 skillpoints
Electronic Systems 1,130,040 skillpoints
Engineering 2,234,413 skillpoints
Gunnery 2,049,335 skillpoints
Navigation 1,465,112 skillpoints
Neural Enhancement 316,785 skillpoints
Planet Management 394,040 skillpoints
Production 1,898,039 skillpoints
Resource Processing 3,881,071 skillpoints
Scanning 1,267,139 skillpoints
Science 753,805 skillpoints
Spaceship Command 5,985,913 skillpoints
Subsystems 1,024,000 skillpoints
Targeting 813,255 skillpoints

Use to use this toon to rat in a VNI run 10/10’s with a proteus, Copy BPOS, Mine ore and Ice Produce T1 and PI use to make a enough each month to sub 3-4 accounts

Price is 20bil Isk
Fast Trainsfer
No Kill Rights
Pos Wallets
+5 Sec Status

Any Questions ask here ad I dont log on this toon any more.

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What is the lowest you will take, ISK RDY & ONLINE

Hows 18bil if you are ok with that let me know

When are you usually online? & Timezone, I will send isk and provide account info then.

I’ll be on in an hour

Im GMT Time zone UK.

Ill be around for 13 hours send isk and account name and ill start transfer

18.5b offer

do you agree it?

Ok send isk and account name

ok.i am working now.i will send it after 2hours.pls hold on.

Ok let me know on here when it’s done

i am online now .isk will send pls check

pls check

logging on now

Transfer started

well i would have paid 19…

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