WTS 32.2m Max yield Rorq pilot & Hulk & researcher & minmatar inventor 4H LEFT


positive wallet
no killrights


  • Mining Drone Specialization 5

  • Industrial Reconfiguration 5

  • Invulnerability Core Operation 4

  • Capital Industrial Ships 5

  • Exhumers 4

  • 11 Research slots

  • Can use all t2 crystals for Hulk mining

  • T2 ice harvesters

  • Great Refiner

Cybernetic 5

Starting bid: 35b

35b :grinning:

bump 1

bump up we go

4h left

awww Eyen winner

please send isk and account information to initiate transfer

isk received, awaiting account name for transfer

transfer initated

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