WTS 34M sp Max Yield and Boost Rorq Pilot Ice and Ore spec V

Hello ladies and gents looking to sell this toon as I’m am burnt out on mining after building my first super almost a year ago, just was using toon with battle Rorq . Can fly Amarr ceptor …I am not in a rush to sell it I’m just gonna go a different route also looking to free up a slot toon is high Sec /positive wallet

Skillboard: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Hi_babe


  • T2 Indy Core / Capital Industrial Ships 5
  • Ice Harvesting Drone / Mining Drone Specialization 5/ Ice Reprocessing IV
  • T2 Max mining boost can use mindlink/T2 Sheild links/spec IV and all other T1 links
  • Super Capital builder/10 builds slots

Don’t waste your time and energy with low ball offers I know what I have, I reserve the right to cancel at anytime for any reason, I will be transferring with plex so bare in mind you gotta give CCP time to work there magic. Any question just mail this toon as I’m not really on the forums as much,but will try to be

Starting Bid is 34B

Buyout 39B

34B here

35b isk ready

nice character

36B iskies

37b isk

thanks you

38b iskies


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