WTS 45m SP Maxed Rorq/Amarr Dread +T2 fit Pilot

Selling this max yield skilled Rorqpilot. Can also pilot T2 fitted Revelation. Also skilled Minmatar carrier to 4 + light fighters 3 and heavy fighter skill injected.


Some highlights:

Mining drone spec 5
Capital Induships 5

Amarr Dread 5

Positive wallet and sec status
Located in Highsec

Offers via mail or post here

37b offered

38b offer

Urgg that name is horrible, but great alt skills :slight_smile: …LOlz
39b offer


Bump. Max yield…nom nom…

hi 40b offer

Bump. Would like to sell within a few hours. if no other offers i will accept Doctor Niubilitys offer

Hi Mia , 2h+ hours passed , and there seems no one else offers.
40b is ready. Can transfer to you once you accepte.

would u accept 41 as instant b/o?

40.5b, is this prise okay? :yum::kissing_heart:

To tell you the truth, my wallet remains 41.2 b, I also need little isk to buy some water to drink and food to eat .

haha isnt that the standard excuse here? ^^ u can mine it all back with max skilled rorq while u sit infront of tv with ur food and a beer :smiley:

Hey bro, oh , no , hey my lady. Yeah , you said is truth, hahahaha. But here we go , 40.5b , really a nice and lucky number bro. :heart_eyes:

Emmm , bro, 40.5b is really a good price, since our nebourhood — a 49M sp rorqual/rev char —sell for 40b at last .
Yep , I still have many thing to buy, like the ship, the drones. :rofl:

well i accept 40,5b then. pls send isk and the accname i will transfer to

40.5 has been transferred to Mia and account information also been send by eve mail.

This is a trade with a lovely guy. I promise that I’ll earn my food and beer (in game , not RMT) by this toon , hahahaha.

Transfer started. Mail should come soon. Have fun mining with her or shooting big laZor gunz. Thx for business sir o7

Yep, receive ccp mail.
This toon fulfill my need perfectly. I’ll take care of this big chest lady.

Fly safe bro. O7

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