WTS 32.7m SP Focused Vindi/Mach/Bowhead Incursion Pilot

(Perba Epolfeli) #1

Re-doing auction as previous winner did not show up, shorter one this time around.

Heavily focused incursion DPS pilot w/ 5B implants for sale!
Has the skills for all major shield HQ communities.
Perfect Gunnery skills for vindi, near perfect for mach.
Full High-Grade Ascendancy clone - perfect for vindi, great for mach.
Fly your hulls around fast with a pink ascendancy Bowhead!

Exact skills/implants can be found on Eveskillboard.

The character:

  • is docked in Jita 4-4
  • has no active kill rights
  • has positive sec status
  • has positive wallet
  • has no jump clones
  • is in an NPC corporation

M/B: 24b
B/O: 29b
Auction ends: 3/10 16:00
24h snipe rule is in effect
Increments of at least 0.5b only please

Transfer will happen using PLEX

WTS 32.7m SP Focused Vindi/Mach/Bowhead Incursion Pilot
(Leela Norris) #2

Automatic ESI Updates Failed. 400 error received (Character Transferred or Revoked). Contact the owner to reauth.

According to skillboard site.

(Perba Epolfeli) #3

Skillboard ESI scopes fixed, good catch!

(Perba Epolfeli) #4


(Perba Epolfeli) #5

up, up and away!

(Perba Epolfeli) #6


(Keltola) #7

10b take it or leave it

(Perba Epolfeli) #8

It’d be more profitable to extract then biomass so nooooooooo thankyou

(Perba Epolfeli) #9

Received private offer. Will be closing auction once isk and account details are received.

(Light Jack) #10

isk and account details have been sent.

(Perba Epolfeli) #11

Character transfer process initiated

(system) #12

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