WTS 32M Nyx Focused Character

I’m going to sell a 32M NYX Focused Character
Has 32m sp+0.5m unallocated
even if it appears to be in corp it’s in NPC corp
All ccp rules applied.
No kill rights,
Wallet is positive
npc corp, high sec location
Currently in Amsen VI - Moon 1 - Science and Trade Institute
Starting bid: 28b
B/o: 35b

32B offer valid for 1 hour

32b offer

Offer retracted.

30B Buy out

I agree to sell you the character at this price

Please import ISK to ID: Yu Royal

I agree to sell you the character at this price

The transfer has been made, please check

So you have reject a higher price?

I’m sorry I have a bad network here and missed a lot of messages

In the future, only send isk to the character you are buying

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may I ask when the role transfer will be completed?

No one solves my problem and I return your ISK to the end of the transaction

So, do u accept my price? 33b

u can submit a ticket for transfer with plex

Now I can move roles. I’ve already started

So, this is a private trade or rmt trade?
Noone care any higher price

Is this deal done?

Is this deal done?35b