WTS 73.5 M sp Nyx - Providence toon

Character is npc corporation
Balance: positive
location Jita IV - Moon 4
Jump clones: 1
No Kill RIghts

start 65 bil

65B offer

more offer?

you ignore the message, the sell is open for suggestions again

60B offer

Up up yp

Up up yp

63B offer bro

accept offer send isk and name ac

so? you will buy?

yeah sent ist to Uncle-Fester?

sure yes)

ok maybe need 2hours that I sell plex in EVE

ok I will wait for you

isk and mail sent

Hello again, I have a small issue. I need to wait for the game support to respond and make the transfer via PLEX. this is a prevalent issue

Request #2224529

How long does it take to wait

pls pay back my isk. wait too long