WTS 34 mill SP char with 674k unallocated SP

This Char for sale, EveSkillboard - Jake Egan no password

Now in a NPC
No Kill Rights
skill points as shown
1 jump clone in Hek

please sensible offers only

the eveskill board is wrong…there are no implants in any clone

15B ready

18 bil isk

If no higher bids by tomorrow evening he’s yours

18.5 b/o

only 19 ready

…19.5 bil isk…

only 19 ,if you want to sell

you still interested?? …apologies i was away for the weekend

19.6 bil ready

offer accepted

Offer accepted

20Bil Max I can pay ,Im waiting for 12h

offer accepted

Janamaji offer accepted

21 Billl ?

if we do it now

Do it now?

Back up for sale, offers please