WTA 85.6M (+256k unallocated) SP 2009 Sub-Cap Pilot


I’m selling my old toon to fund new projects elsewhere in the universe.


85.6m SP (256k Unallocated SP)
+5 Implants, with a +4 Charisma
Good Spaceship Command/Navigation/Missiles/Gunnery/Engineering skills
No killrights
Remap Available
Character located in Jita currently for your ease.

Happy offering.

B/O 80B

Current Highest Offer 74B - Fatli Solvent

Thread closes 20:00 Server time on Thursday 10th May.



post char stats from https://eveskillboard.com/ or u scammer
eveboard not working anymore

Thank you for the constructive comment…

I returned to the game this morning and the character hasn’t changed at all, but below is the eve skillboard link.


hmm its all okey!) good luck

65B bid

74b offer

74B, current highest.

I will let this thread run till Thursday 20:00 server time.

Bump closes tonight with the 74B offer winning

75 bil

75b new highest offer. 3 more hours to go!

Maths fail. Server is an hour behind my time!

20:00 reached. Maizie is the winner. Please send isk and account name.

Sending ISK and account info now…

Hey, sorry I was asleep.

Isk & account name received, but there is a bug in the transfer system. I’ve ticketed the issue with the support team to assist with the transfer.

Thanks for the update.

Not heard back yet, if i haven’t got it sorted by 12:00 tomorrow, ill transfer the isk back.

Heard back, issue sorted.

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Kelly Giggidy

Will be completed after: 5/12/2018 6:57:33 AM

Character received. Thanks K.G.!

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