(Sister Kiss) #1

I am selling this character. Has 3.1m SP + 200k Unallocated.


Bid starts at 2B - 3B B/O or best offer

(Pedantic) #2

Ill offer 2b b/o

(Deliyla Dupree) #3

I’ll give 2.1 bil

(Mad Vemane) #4


(Pedantic) #5

2.8 bil b/o my last offer

(Sister Kiss) #6

2.8B B/O Accepted. Waiting for Isk and info.

(Pedantic) #7

isk sent and account name sent

(Sister Kiss) #8

Isk and Info received, character transfer started.

(Pedantic) #9

character recieved…

Bugged out at the moment waiting on CCP ticket.

(system) #10

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