Selling my 188m sp Princess

Selling my lovely girl. Currently moving her to Jita. She is in npc corp.
She has 1 bonus remap available and 3 jump clones. No kill rights. Wallet will be cashed out at the moment of selling.

I would like to get at least 150 bil.

I will give you 150B B/O

ok, please kindly send me isk and all transfer info

@Limited_Liability is your bid still valid or should I continue the auction?

No reply from potential buyer, character is still for sale.

140 B B/O

141 b offer

145 bil and I will let it go

I’ll give you 145B

146b offer

147B offer

@Vento_Eto 147bil bid accepted, Please send isk and info

ISK and account sent

ok thanks for being fast. I will check it in the evening and start transfer. I post here once transfer get paid.

Congrats Vento. Wish the seller wasnt so rushed on this with active bidding ongoing.

@Vento_Eto I post here to inform you that transfer has been started.

got it, thanks