Wts 3m sp

Hi there…first time seller so I hope I get this all correct…

Balance: 0 ISK
Kill Rights: none
Jump Clone: unused
Location: Dodixie IX Moon 20 Fed Navy Yard

This is a very clean 2 year old character character. I was going to use her for Gallente FW but never got around to it…secondary roll was to be transport.

Reserve: 2.5B ISK

Going to leave this open for 72hrs (15:30 on Thursday) minimum…


Daily bump…please don’t send me to the meat grinder :frowning:

ill give you 1.8b

I’ll go 2 bil flat b/o

By the responses, I’m guessing my 2.5B was a bit high so HilsterAUS I’m yours…

I seem to not be able to access the DEV post in the Character Bazaar any more but I think the next step was ISK transfer and then I contact CCP with the character transfer request+payment. Correct if I am wrong.


p.s Just stepping out for a little bit so may not reply right away…

No problems, will transfer the ISK in a few moments.

I’ll send the character the account details for transfer

Laptop battery has died :frowning: I’ll be home is about 3.5 hrs and can transfer the ISK

ISK sent and account details provided to enable transfer to occur


Payment received and Transfer process started…ty!

Signing off…enjoy!

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