(amiratar) #1

Character has 200k unallocated SP, clean standings, clean sec status, no kill rights, in an NPC corp, and is located in Jita. Starting bid 3b, 6b B/O or best offer.


(Xeravis) #2

2b b/o

(Azdrack Rodenstra) #3

2.2b offer

(amiratar) #4

Going to give it a little more time.

(xHxHxAOD) #5

ill offer 2.3 isk ready

(Azdrack Rodenstra) #6

2.35b offer

(Michael Zign) #7

2.7 b

(amiratar) #8

I’ll accept the 2.7b bid. PM Sister Twitch when you can

(Qelarion Muutaris) #9

Is this toon still for sale?

(amiratar) #10

Currently waiting for reply from last bidder. Will update if no response.

(Michael Zign) #11

isk and info sent

(amiratar) #12

Isk and info received, character transfer started.

(system) #13

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