WTS 37.9m SP Carrier/Super and BLOPs

  1. Hostile Nidhoggur 37.9m SP -
    Minmatar Carrier IV
    Gallente Carrier IV
    Amarr Carrier IV
    JDC V
    Fighters V
    Heavy, Light and Support Fighters IV
    Heavy, Medium and Light Drones V with supports at V
    Gallente BS V
    Used as a carrier and blops pilot
    No kill rights, positive wallet, NPC corp in Jita
    Set of Mid-Grade Crystals in Tranquility Trading Tower in Perimeter
    275k unallocated SP
    36bil B/O

2. Naya Ordo 11.4m SP
Very basic starter carrier, used as a roller in wormholes almost 8m of the 11m SP is in navigation and ship command skills
Amarr Carrier II
Fighter skills very low
No kill rights, positive wallet, NPC corp in Jita
13b B/O

Will be transferring using plex, so it will take however long CCP takes to complete it. Any questions or if I’ve forgotten something shoot.

Confirming I am for sale

mail sent to hostile

Going to give it a couple days before taking any offers under buyout, but ty for the offer.

12b b/o price for Naya Ordo

Private offer submitted via mail to @Naya_Ordo . Please confirm receipt and whether or not you accept.

I confirm I have accepted this offer from @Mom’s Packed Lunches, awaiting payment to begin transfer.

Isk recieved and ticket submitted to request transfer, thank you @Mom_s_Packed_Lunches

Naya Ordo now sold, initial post updated

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Cheers! Pleasure doing business as always

To the top

32 bil for hostile Nidhoggur


33.5 bil

retracted my offer

Buyout reduced to 38bil

34 bil

36B Please consider

I’m still waiting for the other character I sold to be transferred by CCP, so will keep this open for offers until I’m able to initiate another transfer.

Character received as of downtime today. Thank you again!

It’s yours for 36B if you still want it @RUO_WIND