WTS 37m Moros / naglfar / prober

As per title I am selling myself,

PW: 1337

I can fly a perfect moros, and am currently training for naglfar

Got tanking skills for both,

Great probing skills to go, so am ready to get thrown straight into wormhole space.

Starting bid 35b
b/o 45b (or untill I’m satisfied)

A New day has dawned! Current ingame offer of 35b cam in while I was at work, so we’ve started! :slight_smile:

Straight to the top!

36 B\O.

Please confirm


yeah good luck with that.

Bid 37

Going to close this auction in 24hrs

Whoever has the highest bid at 17.00 Evetime tomorrow will get the character!

Still here!

auction ends in 8 hrs!

Will send isk and account info when I get home from work in about 6 hours.

If nobody beats you to a better offer beforehand I will accept it

If he is still for sake I would be happy to make him titan pilot.

I accept :slight_smile:

Send details & Isk and I will start transfer :slight_smile: (P.S. am doing petition transfer)

Sorry I prefer to avoid sales with tickets. Will pass for this one.

Thats in your right :slight_smile: , if you’re afraid its a scam I just sold another dread pilot the same way, and it only took 48 hrs.

Isk and account name sent ingame

Recieved, petitioning for transfer now :slight_smile:

Sent ingame mail with evidence of transfer initiation

Transfer complete. Thank you!

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