WTS 37M SP Hel/ Wyvern Pilot Good Skills

Selling myself


Positive Sec Status
Positive wallet
Located Jita 4-4
No kill rights

Can also FLY Nomad and Sabre.

30b offer

31b offer

33b offer

38b. whats your buy out price very keen buyer here


Buyout added ! Coming home in 6 hours

will u do 40b b/o

Let’s do 41 b and we a have deal

done let me know when ur online

will send isk and a mail with account name now

Ok Great

all sent ready for ya. let me know when u initiate please. account to send to i have eve mailed

Money and information has been arrived . Starting transfer as soon I am home

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Transfer started . Have fun and fly safe o/

havent recieved a email stating he is on his way could you please check

10 hours has passed still no toon. did you pay via rl $$ or plex?