-------------SOLD------------WTS 30m sp Multirole Pilot (mainly Golem/Carrier)


Unallocated 437,500 Skillpoints
Positive isk balance
Char is in Jita 4-4
NPC Corp
Remaps 2
No kill Rights
1 clone in Forge region and 1 clone in Minmatar region

14 bil starting price
20 bil buyout price

14 bil

Turbbz 14.1B

14.2 bill

14.5b offer

15 bil

Offer withdrawn due to external circumstances

15.1 B offer

15,2 bil

bump :nerd_face:

15.5b offer

I will offer 17b, which is a very good middle price. You think, I hope to trade as soon as possible. After all, time is precious. The money is ready and ready to move.

I have sent an in-game message.

Sorry, I can’t go to the game to observe the email very quickly now, so please say your proposal in the forum and I will consider it. Of course, I still have confidence in my offer. I hope you can think more about it.

I accept your offer of 17b

Great. I will log in the game and send funds and emails within two hours. I hope to transfer them as soon as possible.

I have sent you the funds and email. Please start the transfer as soon as possible.

Character Transfer Initiated