WTS 37m sp pvp/pve pilot

(Rodya Takern) #21


(Rodya Takern) #22


(Rodya Takern) #23


(Tiffa Lockhart) #24

Ill do 30 B for the next 2 dayrs, isk is ready to transfer.

(Rodya Takern) #26

check ingame mail

(Tiffa Lockhart) #27

i have sended isk and my account name .check it

(Rodya Takern) #28

opened a ticket to CCP so they can start the transfer.
Thank you and enjoy it

(Tiffa Lockhart) #29

I have not received the charactor so far.

(Tiffa Lockhart) #30

I have recieved the charactor,thank you .GF

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