WTS 37x6.8M SP toons (1,7M unallocated SP) + skinpacks

Quantum Anomaly
SkillQ.net - Az’o

Quantum Anomaly
SkillQ.net - Sharot

Quantum Anomaly
SkillQ.net - Trixuins

Quantum Anomaly
SkillQ.net - Delell

Added new batch of exclusive content. Don’t miss your chance to get this great toons!

10 Bil for Kheds and Trixuins if they’re still available.

Hello! Each toon worth 7B, I could give you a discount =0.5B for each if you want to buy the batch.

Hi, that’s acceptable. I will send the isk now, 6.5B per, right?

Yes, let’s do the deal.

Isk sent from both accounts.

Thank you so much! Transfer initiated. Please wait for delay.

Thank you so much! Transfer initiated. Please wait for delay.

Just wondering, I haven’t recieved the characters yet, how long have they taken for other buyers?

More than 10 hours definitely. Read the topic please and don’t worry, transfer will complete. Please write me when process will be finished.

Hi! I would like to buy the following toons:


24bil for the batch is enough?

Hello, sir! I want 25B for this batch. If you will hurry up with the money transfer, I can speed up the transfer process.

Characters received

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I’m away for the next 24h. I’ll send you isk and info as soon as I’m at home again.

Copy, I am waiting

Isk and information sent.