WTS 38 ml sp Pilot

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Zifta_Balcoze check out skills

No jump clones, from his born (2013) was in npc corp, located in high sec
Wallet and sec status are definetely positive

Asking price: not lower than 25 bil

daily bump!

Mail Sent in game

30B Isk ready


still waiting for a reply

No answer, I retracted my confirmation then and waiting for new offers.

offer of 27.5 bil confirmed in chat for 38 mil sp char

I confirm our deal with Palatine Keepstar

isk sent sending account details now

account info sent

received, thank you!

could the guy transfering this charachter contact me please…i have an urgent question


still no charachter after 3 days…is this normal for ccp to take this long

Is he paying with $ or Plex?
If Plex, this can take a few days, as it’s a support ticket Wich need to be handled by a GM.
And this is holliday + a new expansion was just brought, so GM may be under the water.

thanks for yer reply,i just put out a question in the forum 2 mins ago

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